Spring Vision
                                         AFRICA BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC RESEARCH CENTER  

Project Conner Stone
Systematic collection of economic data, processing and summarising for end user  and analysation of government policy for end users
the Necessary Information for fact-based decision making, is missing in most African state

Project Management Town hall
Leadership training in effective organizational structure Workers motivation, teambuilding and developing team spirit in organization, employees training and giving their workforce the necessary tools to achieve their goals in organization, work safety, respect for rules and policies
Project Business Summary
Business process analysis , performance assessment, making measurement of quality of goods and service produced, and Helping them to achieve a higher standard. advising government on policies and law that can help achieve this standard
Project OCG Solution
   Home energy efficiency training, alternative energy for building , water storage and purification systems advice.Campaigning for waste management, Environmental sanitation and protection. Campaigning for workers health and good working enviroment
Project  IT Market Place
 Introduction to business software for small business. This will help them collect, store and use realtime data for Decision making . and Low Cost Intelligent Automation for standardise production. Introduction to online marketing for small business
Project Living for a lifetime
Helping Business start up and training on how to development a product/Service Portfolio And Compliance to standard, policy, and regulation. Giving people the information that will unlock the potentials in them